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Here the fifth day of August, days after grabbing my copy and tearing thru the shrink wrap, I'm finding myself still grooving heavily on "X" and I can see my love for this album live on for years to come like my love for each album here backwards to On Through The Night. I find a affection for the old material and only occassionally pull it out, like it and High & Dry were both phenominal albums in terms of lyrically/musically/creatively expressed in a rocking way that caught you and held you on a wild 4 minute ride. So know my Hystory before you judge my review harshly as if I have no business to compose my own personal feelings about each song and offer it for web surfing fans to check out.

This album has so much for the long time Lepp fan like myself who can boost it's 20 years now I've escaped to their awesome rock albums and swayed and danced to their romantic melodic songs that give me chills they are so just perfect. I love "Sorrow is a Woman" and "When the Walls Came Tumbling Down" and "Lady Strange" to "Another Hit & Run" my enjoyment of their music is "Unbelievable". Now onto the song by song basis since you've probably read enough now to appreciate the way this 80's child thinks about this set of artists. One thing I want to say is I am glad to see that they are still working with Pete Woodroffe and that they've all grown so much within the art of creating audio magic. Without further hesistation here it is song by song this Leppard fan's feelings and impressions about their Tenth Album X

  • Now - This song is a instant hit with this Lepp Fan. The guitar playing in this and the way Sav, as usual, supports the entire song foundation with deep rhythmic tones that blend so well with every other aspect of this song-from the wicked awesome drums during this one, I am big on the Bass and Drums and this song has plenty of the hardness and edge that I love about their songs. Lyrically this is fabulous because it's talking about the fire inside you and that is something I really enjoy throughout their career are the use of firey imagery and such depth and raw energy. This is a awesome song and the video just as incredible as the music it accompanies.
  • Unbelieveable - This one reminds me a lot of Hysteria & Adrenalize with a feeling of "Have You Ever Needed Someone" & "Hystieria" with the feeling and tempo. It has some really interesting lyrics. They never write boring songs if you ask me. And Unbelievable is just that. A Unbelievable example of Def Leppard weaving a romantic love song. The intensity of the background vocals is impressive.
  • Your're So Beautiful - This is a really upbeat love song that just made me smile with the vocals and the riffs in this guitar parts really just mix into a full melodic rock love song that reminds me a bit of Pyro with its jaming solo. Another rock ballad perfection sure to please Lepp fans everywhere. This is a very uplifting song-very full of poweful harmonic Def Leppard rich resonance we fans know and love.
  • Everyday - This might not have been written by the guys, but they made it theirs totally with the way they harmonize for emotional impact, no doubt. This song's vocals and smashing performace from all of the guys there is a lot to enjoy about "Everyday." This song really has some incredible vocals and guitarwork. Another stunning example of the true meaning of the word Band-they sing together and play together and the resulting music has never left this fan disappointed.
  • Long Long Way To Go - I know this might be about love, but I just lost a dear friend yesterday and during my grief this song really has touched me with its imploring opening guitar, to Joe's rivoting potrayal of love lost and the need to let go. Asking the question I ask myself tonight-"All this pain? Does it ever go away?" For a romantic break up song this is a smashing hit-it just gets the point across about how hard it is getting over losing someone. I hope others enjoy this song as I have-it really is a powerful statement that I fully embraced days before losing this friend and now am still getting comfort from.
  • Four Letter Word - This one reminded me of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" with the upbeat dynamic it generates. It is a real winner in terms of recapturing the energy they've had on previous mega hits like "PSSOM" and everything blends together in a fabulous rhythmic jam all about L-O-V-E. There is not one song on the "X" album doesn't tickle my ears and triggers that same emotional reaction each of their ten albums manage to offer situations and scenarios people identify with.
  • Torn To Shreds - Lyrically and rhythmically this one feels like it is part Pyro, part Hysteria and part Adrenalize. I just love the cadence in this song-the rhythm is really catchy and it grabs you-so much of their work is like that though, so you either know what I mean or you don't.
  • Love Don't Lie - This is my favorite I think from this album, though I emphasize this entire album is incredible. "It lifts you up. Takes you higher when high ain't enough. Love don't lie. It's stronger than steel. It's got the heart and emotion to heal" This song sums up my feeling about this band-they are fabulous at what they do and what they do is make incredible powerfully moving music that you either embrace fully or you just take in only on a suface level-for those of us with the need for depth-they are always able to deliver that both musically and lyrically.
  • Gravity - This is another upbeat bubbly love song. Armageddon It comes to mind when trying to feel the energy in the music itself along with Personal Property off Adrenalize. Lyrically it is very identifiable for me at least. It really is a nice upbeat song with lots of feeling in it.
  • Cry - This song is one rocking tune-I feel adrenalize influences and think this is another hit. The rythms and riffs totally rock out! I would say I feel a bit of their old fire recaptured and finessed and submitted for fan approval.
  • Girl Like You - This song is really got some cool synth/digital effects going on and the song its very dancable, the energy is there and "I wanna Touch U" comes to mind as does "Make Love Like A Man" I definitely enjoyed this song and this song is really a shinning example of their wild versitility.
  • Let Me Be The One - Right from the first moments of the song you get the feeling of a enchanting love song and my goodness is it ever! This song captures the longing of "Tonight" & "Love Bites" in this fan's opinion. I even feel some "Hysteria" in this one. It is just a fantastic song, a fine addition to the tenth album by this incredible band.
  • Scar - This is a lyrical masterpiece and sung with the most incredible sincerity-you feel it from the opening riffs and drumming, until Sav enters with the low pounding melodies he evokes from his instruments. As they sing this sone together I have to say that this song reminded me of some of their earlier work on Pyro, Hysteria & Adrenalize. Even a feel in the middle of High & Dry with the guitar effects and then still very strong feeling of that same Pyromania energy as well. This is a big favorite of mine since hearing it. Hope everyone else enjoys this album we've had released. I definitely am still proud to be a Def Leppard fan.

I think this band will continue to offer their fans and supporters just what we want-incredibly thought provking, addictive songs that their huge fanbase continues to identify with. I think when they were young on the scene back in 83" that they overwhelmed with what it was to be Rock and Roll stars. Rick's accident was a wake call and so was losing Steve. But all in all for over 23 years this group has put forth ten albums and countless video clips for songs that were just fantastic. New DVD to come out soon too. I really love everything they've released and look forward to seeing live again someday. Thank you for coming to Pamster's Review of Def Leppard's "X" page and I hope you enjoyed my Poetic tributes to the band and the pictures of my killer Def Leppard Banner and the contest it won front row seats for me in 93" you can see on my Def Leppard Experience. If you love Def Leppard, go buy X and try to get your radio stations playing it.

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Peace! Keep on Rocking!

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